Ty Lee did actually has actually recognized Zuko because their very early youthfulness

Ty Lee did actually has actually recognized Zuko because their very early youthfulness

[12] When she joined Azula and Mai, [4] they implemented Zuko and you can Iroh around the world trying to fully capture him or her. She seemed to undertake him with no arguments on his come back off exile, [14] plus vacationed with your as well as Mai and you may Azula so you can Ember Island. [1] When tensions flower, Zuko entitled her an excellent “circus nut” and you may berated the lady on her endless optimism, ultimately causing her to grow psychological and compelling the lady to disclose the woman things about joining new circus. She pressured your, also the anyone else, on openly discussing his cause of his recent outrage. Such as the lady nearest and dearest, Ty Lee sympathized having Zuko’s interior disorder and misunderstandings. [1] Immediately after she and Azula fled to a different gondola during the a battle having Zuko along with his allies, leaving her or him to have dry, she seemed uncomfortable and you can concerned, for Zuko that would has actually fell to help you his demise at this time had they not come for Mai’s timely intervention. [7]

A year following end of one’s Hundred year Combat, Ty Lee http://www.datingranking.net/coffee-meets-bagel-review joined other Kyoshi Fighters from inside the protecting Zuko because of multiple murder effort resistant to the new-fire Lord, [13] and she proceeded to guard your the next few years. [11]

Previous opponents

Hailing throughout the Flames Country and you can section of Azula’s cluster, Ty Lee is actually a natural challenger of Avatar. [5] However, this lady animosity toward Aang was exclusively according to those individuals sales. Therefore, both without difficulty got along pursuing the achievement of your Hundred Year Battle. [15]


Ty Lee and Katara merely ever came across once they fought per other. It basic came across while in the a great botched prisoner replace. When Katara tried to disable Mai playing with waterbending, Ty Lee put chi blocking to eliminate Katara, leaving their defenseless. It almost resulted in Katara’s overcome as a result of Mai. [4] Though Katara escaped unscathed with her loved ones, she build expertise in Ty Lee’s experiences, saying their capability to strip the lady from the girl bending fuel are terrifying. [5]

Katara and you may Ty Lee battled with each other to the several instances afterward, in addition to whenever Azula along with her loved ones chased the group by using Appa’s fur path [3] while the latest Fire Nation drill happy to infiltrate this new structure out-of Ba Play Se. [5] Although not, regarding the latter involvement, Katara successfully fought away from Ty Lee because of the bending the fresh drill’s liquefied slurry, hence trapping the woman, and you can angrily named her an excellent “circus nut”. [5] Within her disguise as a Kyoshi Warrior at the Palace in the Ba Play Se, Ty Lee weighed down Katara playing with chi blocking, ultimately causing Katara’s get. [16] The 2 didn’t come together for the rest of the brand new Hundred or so Seasons Combat, nor within Zuko’s coronation.

On the aftermath of your War, Ty Lee possess because joined this new Kyoshi Warriors and was expose on Fire Country Financing whenever Party Avatar arrived to let Zuko and an unbound Azula discover the long-lost mother. Whilst a couple don’t individually interact, it appears to be Katara and you can Ty Lee don’t mind for each other’s visibility. [10]

Toph Beifong

Within the Hundred-year Battle, Ty Lee just knew Toph since an ally of one’s Avatar which means that the lady enemy. After the conclusion of one’s Battle, Ty Lee registered the fresh Kyoshi Warriors which means that didn’t come with need to-be antagonistic to the Toph anymore. From the 102 AG, the latest family members involving the lady got achieved the point where Ty Lee leading Toph that have why she is feeling down and you will Toph took observe of your own bad improvement in Ty Lee’s emotions, compassionate adequate to make an effort to lift the brand new girl’s spirits. When they encountered Ty Lee’s siblings, which enhanced Ty Lee’s gloomy attitude since she felt down more are element of a matched put, Toph said one Ty Lee try the woman favorite out from the eight identical Ty siblings. [2]

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