New housekeeper of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, and you can a properly-identified “fixer” into the Inazuma

New housekeeper of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, and you can a properly-identified “fixer” into the Inazuma

Amicable and you may friendly, Thoma ties in into the audience easily irrespective of where he or she is.Initially, he is apparently an incredibly easygoing person, but he or she is indeed extremely responsible. He has an extremely significant front side, whether it is within his really works otherwise his social communication.


Thoma known because of the Inazumans becoming a good “helper” – permitting men aside and making sure any things is rapidly and you can peacefully resolved.

The new boy out of an Inazuman father and Mondstadter mother, Thoma offers new attributes found in one another nations’ peoples; their dad placed good focus on loyalty, when you find yourself getting elevated inside the Mondstadt suggested which he can potentially mingle with many some one. He thinks that individuals is gladly delight in a leisurely lifestyle and you will will not eg value his character, though someone chat ill regarding your. He to begin with visited Inazuma to take his dad Dandelion Wines, but just after shedding overboard, the guy finished up within the Inazuma and no connectivity no Mora. Regardless of the risks he faced during the time, Thoma managed to make the most of their state and ultimately received the latest Kamisato Clan’s believe. He or she is a simple yet effective worker, resolving most of the Kamisato Clan’s affairs when you look at the a punctual order. [2]

He metropolises higher commitment into the Kamisato Clan. Even with his simple-going appearance, he shows zero mercy to the people which jeopardize the brand new Kamisato siblings additionally the Yashiro Fee. The guy does not have fun with their connections for personal development.

Physical appearance

Hailing away from Mondstadt, [3] Thoma are a young guy with eco-friendly eyes and you will dirty blonde locks tied up within the a beneficial ponytail of the a reddish cord that have tassels fading in order to tan within concludes.

Thoma’s gown was a combination of Western-style attire which have components of samurai armour. He wears a cena muzmatch pretty, reddish and you may black colored cropped jacket over a black clothing, as well as a pair of gold puppy tags loitering his neck. The latest buttoned cuffs out of their silver-trimmed kote-particularly sleeves is actually designed that have an excellent fleur-de-lis framework. He wears a black steel headband toward their direct, having silver-highlighted horns resembling the new maedate (front crest) from good kabuto head protection. He wears a great Pyro Eyes towards their gear, in addition to a great kusazuri (tassel) adorned that have fiery Kamisato Clan crests on the other stylish. A similar crest is noted to the poleyns out-of his boot-laced suneate (shin guards) having tabi shoes. The guy even offers short, red-colored studded earrings.

Official Inclusion

What Taroumaru suggested is actually one to Thoma is very good within bringing proper care of anybody which will be a great buddy. But you can’t need proper care of someone else, you have to care for oneself also. Hold off, what are you laughing on! I became only translating what Taroumaru told you!

Thoma, who was created when you look at the Mondstadt, now resides in Inazuma, in which he or she is the latest Kamisato Clan’s housekeeper. He’s as well as a proper-recognized “fixer” within the Inazuma.

Maybe influenced by new informal and you will happy conditions of their hometown, Thoma is superb at the connections. Even though he could be an outlander, he’s founded an all of a sudden strong system of men and women inside Inazuma.

He is an affable person naturally and certainly will without difficulty rating doing work in certain subjects and expose relationship with various some body. When it is time to guard brand new rights and hobbies from brand new Yashiro Percentage, he’ll plus set their laugh away and show his significant top.

He could be a captive, friendly, and social person who cares for all pets and you may comrades, but possibly he and additionally feels specific unspeakable homesickness.

Thoma’s formal name from the Kamisato Clan would be the fact away from an effective “housekeeper,” in which he is responsible for things particularly cooking and you will cleaning.

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